Crispin Porter and Bogusky chickenfight.

Yet another game of chicken from CP+B, as Claymore noted called chickenfight "...because not even CP+B would dare call it cockfighting". If you have a camera and microphone attached to your computer you can even control the chicken by screaming "peck"! Lacking a mike old fashioned mouse-control is an option. The dirtier you fight, the more likely it is that you win.

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They're running these spots now with some legal copy reading:

"No chickens were harmed in the making of this commercial."

Except for the ones they killed to make either sandwich...

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(As first pointed out by adlister Leslie...)

Countdown to the inevitable PETA protest - 4...3...2...

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hahahaha.. Yeah wouldn't suprise me... they never do anymore.

I'm the red chicken in that screendump. I swear the white one was cheating.

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From Adcritics email

The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) is upset with Burger King about the promotion created by Crispin, Porter +
Bogusky. The site allows users to pit two guys in chicken suits -- representing different chicken sandwiches -- against each other in a cage match. Not funny, according to HSUS president and CEO Wayne Pacelle, who says in a statement, "Whatever the intent of this promotion, the effect
is to make light of chicken fighting. Cockfighting, which is illegal in 48 states, is a disgraceful practice not only involving animal cruelty, but drug trafficking, illegal gambling and human-on-human violence."
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We can predict reactions to ads better than the weather these days.

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Aye pretty sad. Next time lets set up a betting pool. Easier to win than the Lotto.