Cure Auto "Eyes on the road" (2015) :30 (USA)

Keep your eyes on the road, says Cure Auto. And they do it in a way that makes me cringe because every man knows you do not break the golden rule. When there's a line of urinals, you take the unoccupied one that's farthest from the occupied one. This is quite a strange ad for auto insurance but it's engaging (and uncomfortable) as you can get.

Client: Cure Auto Insurance
Agency: D4
President: Kurt Shore
CCO: Eric Poe
Chief Marketing VP: Mike Kochnover
ECD: Rich Wakefield
Chief Strategy Officer: Michael Snyder
Music composer: Kurt Shore
Producer: Sarah Schatzinger
Director: Ray Dillman
Director of Photography: Danny Ruhlmann

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That is uncomfortable. I can't help but feel they could have done something better with the sound.

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I am applaud at the "Keep your eye on the road," commercial for Cure auto insurance. I found it to be disgraceful and it offends my sensibilities. I cringe at the thought of my grandchildren coming to visit over Christmas. My concern is that we will be watching tv together and that disgusting commercial will be airing.
It is not only embarrassing, it is equally vulgar. I question the caliber of those employed by Cure since they feel the need to air something so obnoxious in an attempt to gain business.

Rosemarie Manes, LMFT

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Best Commercial EVER! If you are offended you need to get a better sense of humor. Plus stay out of the men's room!

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It's appalled or you can applaud the sense of humor...#blameitontheautocorrect

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I was the producer for the spot - also did 5 others, one of which aired in the Super Bowl this year "Avoid Distractions."

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The one with the man missing his father's last words due to being distracted by pretty doctor? We need to know exactly where that aired before adding it to the Super Bowl ads collection, we've reached out but got no reply.

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Just saw this. It aired at halftime in the PA, NJ, NY markets