Currys - Spare the Act / Jeff Goldblum / Movies - (2015) :90 (UK)

Jeff Goldblum has a long career as ad spokesperson in the UK, where they've used his trademarked rambling to sell "all the sugar turns to alcohol" beer to anything else. While Goldblum is making a comeback as a pitchman, he's been spotted selling on the other side of the Atlantic. Currys are using Goldblum for Goldblum's rambling sake, he is the man who arrives at a deflated Christmas moment telling disappointed family members that acting can help them. Here he shows the extended family visiting their nana that watching an old movie on a dodgy little can look a little more exciting if they only imagine they're watching it on a LCD-screen giant telly from Currys. Oh he's a sneaky pitchman he is, that Goldblum.

Jeff Goldblum: “I'm delighted to be involved in this clever and timely campaign that will hopefully help people find the perfect holiday gifts for the people they care about most - without all the risky guesswork. It's so disheartening to put your heart and soul into a gift choice for a loved one only to discover they have three of them already - and don't use any of them ever.”

This is Currys PC World first Christmas brand campaign, five adverts in a £10m TV push. See also Bean Puzzle with the awkward kiss, Foot Talc and the cremated turkey, and secret santa

Client: Currys

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