D&AD announces yellow pencil winners.... and they are..

Philips 'Obsessed with Sound campaign by Tribal DDB Amsterdam wins the Yellow Pencil in the Digital Design: Sound Design & Use of Music for Websites category, adding yet-another-award to this campaigns list of awards, it's won everything from SXSW to the Dutch Spin Awards and shortlisted in the Clio's.

Chris Baylis, Executive Creative Director, Tribal DDB Amsterdam is chuffed about the pencil, he said:

"When you get into the ad industry, a D&AD pencil is the one you want to win. It's great to have our creativity and craft recognised by the best of the best."

Samsonite heaven and hell brings home yet another award. *golfclap*

F/Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi Brazil showed us "addiction" in the form of running and nabbed a yellow pencil both for cinematography and direction with this stunning film.

Nike - Addiction

Hahn's "super in / super out" get a yellow pencil for production design and we think this is just super duper.

Hahn Superdry - Super In / Super Out

The motherfuckingCEO won again too. Yellow pencil for "web film".

Wanna hear something funny? "The bear" for Canal+ won for "direction". Oh yes. And "production" and "special effects". I SO WISH the actual bear was there to pick up the award it would make my day. Congrats, bear.

Canal + "The bear"

Also a well deserved pencil for 'Earned Media' handed to the "Ghosts chips" anti drunk driving ad. Instead of shock tactics, our hero is 'internalising a really complicated situation' and soon reaches the conclusion he never wants to share ghosts chips with his bro, this stopping him from drunk driving and becoming legend. "Ghost chips" became an expression among the target, teens who drink (and also know how to drive).

NZTA Ghsot chips

Ogilvy & Mather's Lego images won a yellow pencil as well, despite (or probably thanks to) the obvious injoke regarding transparent images that was all the rage a few years back.

The full of list of winners will be announced on the D&D site today.

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