Daffy's - “Fitting Dance" - (2009) 3:26 (USA)

Paranoid US Directors AB/CD/CD Create the First In-Theater Live Advertisement
AB/CD/CD collaborated with agency Johannes Leonardo NY on an ad that paired a live performance with live action footage for the retailer, Daffy’s. The directorial collective, a recent addition to the Paranoid US roster, conceived an entertaining scenario that encompassed the agency’s vision in relation to the screen.
“The agency wanted direction that captured a new, fresh style. AB/CD/CD was a perfect choice as they pulled from their extensive music video background and trendsetting lifestyle”, said Producer Janice Biggs. The collective recently directed Lily Allen’s “Fuck You” and brought a similar upbeat mindset with strong color palette, scheme, and casting.
This new take on an advertisement was a challenge in more ways than one. While the production crew was given a two-month execution time, they ended up with three jobs on their hands: a stage production, a multi-camera shoot and the task of synthesizing the two.
Additionally, costume and choreography played an essential role in AB/CD/CD’s cutting-edge concept. With a synchronized dance arrangement incorporating layers of clothing, the directors and designers paid significant attention to costumes that impacted the way the dancers moved. Choreographer Noemie Lafrance, a frequent contributor on Feist’s music videos, brought a professional artistry, concentrating significantly on timing and demanding rehearsals.
The performance ran at The Ziegfeld Theater in Manhattan in late October, most recently October 30 and 31.

Paranoid US is a production company and design studio specializing in live action, graphic design and animation. With an extensive roster of European talent, Paranoid US brings a distinct aesthetic to the advertising landscape for such prominent brands as Playstation, Nike, Coke and Citroen. One of the most awarded production companies, Paranoid’s artists and directors have created winning projects for numerous Cannes Lions, Art Directors Club and AICP awards. The company began in Paris in 1995, branching stateside in 2003 with Paranoid US in Los Angeles. The Paranoid brand has extensive global reach, with offices in Paris, Los Angeles, London and Sao Paulo and representation in Hamburg and Sydney. www.paranoidus.com

Daffy's “Fitting Dance"
Client: Daffy's Inc. Agency: Johannes Leonardo
Executive Creative Director: Jan Jacobs & Leo Premutico Agency Producer: Matthew Mattingly Account Director: Matt Ahumada
Director: AB/CD/CD Production Company: Paranoid US Executive Producers: Claude Letessier & Cathleen O’Conor Executive Producer, Frenzy Paris: Elsa Rakotoson Producer: Janice Biggs DOP: Zak Mulligan Choreographer: Noemie Lafrance Choreography Asst: Ayelen Liberona Costume Design: Angela Esteban Librero
Editorial: Lost Planet Editor: Charlie Johnston Executive Producer: Krystn Wagenberg Producer: Marcia Wigley Senior Cutting Assistant: Jesse Hass
Music: Amber Music US Composer: Will Bates (Fall on Your Sword) Executive Producer: Phil Mossman ECD: Michelle Curran Vocals: Kat Auster
Online: Black Hole Smoke Artist: Tim Farrell Smoke Assistant: Tim Vierling
Telecine: Nice Shoes Colorist: Chris Ryan / Lez Rudge / Gene Curly Sound: Sound Lounge Mixer: Philip Loeb / Rob Sayers

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Joost's picture

First? Not by a long shot. The first was that brilliant ad where a real woman in the audience recognised her boyfriend in an ad for a weekend break in Paris.....with an other woman. Next, they even interacted (an argument between the woman in the audience and her borfriend on screen). At least 15 years ago.

Joost's picture

I am, actually, looking for that 15 year old ad. Anybody knows who made it and what it was for?

Dabitch's picture

Paul Arden made it (that is was CD on it) afaik, it was for British Airways and last time I actually saw it was played out for real in a movie theatre 1993 - with the actress getting all hot and bothered that her boyfriend was on screen in Paris with some other woman. Paul opened a lecture with that ad, and I blushed on that girls behalf before I realized it was all part of the ad. Good show!

So yeah, you're right it's not the first (and in Roberts defense I know he's using Paranoid US's own words) - and it's not the last as Folkoperan did a similar live-action + cinema ad thing in Sweden in... I think 1998?

I proposed a similar idea - similar as in using live action in a movie theatre but it had nothing to do with boyfriends jetting off to Paris or sudden performances by Opera singers - when I was at a Dutch agency and had it shot down before I finished reading the script because everyone in the room said it would be seen as ripping off Folkoperan/BA. Bummer that. (Can't recall the script though so no big loss, clearly)

Dabitch's picture

Actually they aren't the first claiming that they're the first either. Hehe. Visit London did the same in 2006

Dabitch's picture

First one to mention "British Airways" and "Folkoperan" wins a cookie!

Dammit, Joost beat me to it.

Joost's picture

Thanks for the info. Hope I can find it on a Cannes reel or something.

Dabitch's picture

I've been searching forever, I think it might be in a very old Lürzers but I've not seen it on awards-reels from that time. But I'll keep hunting too!