Dairy Farmers of Canada "The dinner party" (2017) :30 (Canada)

If it's made with Canadian Milk, it's worth crying over. Though it's one big see say, (and a really bad pun on crying over spilled milk) I do like how the tension builds from the mostly restrained silent crying woman at the beginning of the spot to the dam near hysterics of the man who is closest to the cheese platter. The emo guy's makeup is streaming. And even the dog is crying. The art direction is fantastic, too. It's just weird enough to keep the interest level. But if you need more proof as to why Canadian milk is amazing, go to Quality Milk and see the four reasons for yourself.

Client: Dairy Farmers of Canada Toronto
Agency: DDB Canada
Client: Dairy Famers of Canada
Chief Creative Officer: Cosmo Campbell
Executive Creative Directors: Paul Wallace, Marketa Krivy
Copywriter: Alex Manahan
Art Director: George Lin
Designer: Nicholas Bujnak
Agency Producers: Stefan Fabich, David Smith
VP, Client Services Director: Jacqui Faclier
Group Account Director: Mike Wiles
Senior Account Executive: Marci Mancinelli
Account Coordinator: Cassia Napier
Strategist: Brett McDonald
Production Company: OPC
Director: Matt Devine
Director of Photography: Adam Marsden
Production Designer: Jay Pooley
Line Producer: Ian Webb
Post-Production Company: Rooster
Editor: Izzy Erlich
Audio House: Vapor RMW
Audio House Producer: Kailee Nowosad
Audio House Creative Director: Brendan Quinn
Casting Agency: Jigsaw
VFX/Animation Co: The Vanity

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Could someone please tell me the name of the music used in the dinner party advertisement. By the way the ad is brilliant even if the farmers don't like it.