Darien Sport Shop "Fashion Film" (2016) 1:43 (USA)

Some beautiful shots of fabulous beautiful people, families, children, and horses, all set to the pensive voice over of a child in this "fashion film" for Darien Sport Shop. This spot was created as Darien passed its 70th anniversary. It is a celebration of the local community in Connecticut where the brand is based. The film is beautifully shot by Ruben Latre. It veers a little too hard into manifesto land for my tastes, but it certainly is aspirational to the demographic it was meant for: upper crust New Englanders with a strong sense of history, community and family.

Client: Darien Sport Shop
Production Company Hostage Films
Executive Producer Melissa Beth
Director of Photography Ruben Latre
Directed by Ruben Latre
Shot in Connecticut, USA

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