Dell "2 in 1" (2015) :30 (USA)

This commercial stars Jenn McAllister, otherwise known as jennxpenn, a um, Youtube influencer. She's influencing teens to visit California. Now she's influencing teens to buy a Dell. This spot is so hyperactive it's like they gave her a bunch of amphetamines before they started shooting. But hey, if the kids like it....

Let's just hope her social media followers on don't see her actual computer preference, which is decidedly not a Dell.

First rule of Influencing: Always stay on brand.

Client: Dell
Agency: Y&R New York
Chief Creative Officer: Leslie Sims
Global Executive Creative Director: Christian Carl
Senior Copywriter: Meredith Kinee
Senior Art Director: Rachel Cuyler
Head of Production: Greg Lotus
Senior Producer: Salima Millott
Associate Producer: Sarah Haroldson
Music Producers: Lauren King, Deb Oh
Head of Celebrity Talent: Lauren King
Business Manager: Maggie Diaz
VML New York
Dave Quintiliani, Creative Director
Lisa Baldini, Associate Director, Social Strategy
Production Company: M ss ng P eces
Director: Josh Nussbaum
DP: Adam Jandrup, Ethan Palmer
Executive Producer: Ari Kuschnir
Line Producer: Brian Quinlan
Post-Production: M ss ng P eces
Editor: Karl Amdal, Adam McClelland
Producer: Orlaith Finucane
Sound Facility: One Thousand Birds
Music: YouTooCanWoo, Bromeliad

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But can we add more jump cuts?

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The asterix above the 8!? The & above 7? What kind of hell is this computer keyboard she uses? (Internal joke - Kidsleepy freaks out whenever he uses mine)