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Denny's - Thugs / Serious Breakfast - (2009) :30 (USA)

Denny's first Super Bowl commercial, created by Goodby Silverstein and Partners, directed by the Perlorian brothers - who also directed the Castrol & Mountain Dew ads in this years super bowl. That's 3 Super Bowl ads they've directed in this years bowl, making it 300% more than what they did last year. ;) Also the voice-over announcer for this entire campaign is none other than acting legend Burt Reynolds.

Ad agency: Goodby Silverstein and Partners
Directors Perlorian Brothers

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caffeinegoddess's picture

Ah, so this is the continuation of the campaign that they have just started running recently (or at least that I've been seeing recently) of the two farmers at the counter talking about hard times and lost crops/cattle.

Neaner's picture

The casting is perfect it could be a Scorsese movie.

blackbox20's picture

I love the production –it's first class – but wonder if it will really get anybody to Denny's. I've never been to a Denny's, but my impression is that they are the most likely candidate to make pancake smiley faces. My guess is that the guys at Goodby have never been to a Denny's either or if they did they hated it. Serious breakfast is a great line and strategy, but too generic for a fast food retailer. Goodby treats Denny's as if they were the American Dairy Association selling a generic product like Milk. I guarantee you that in 3 weeks Goodby will be back to doing price point spots or worse, Denny's is searching for a new agency.

caffeinegoddess's picture

I have to say I do agree. The ads overpromise, unless Denny's rebrands itself completely. I've been to a Denny's. In fact, it was a hangout place for the high school kids because it was one of the few places open late. Although to the point of the strategy for this, their breakfast is really their best offering. My guess is that they're trying to go after IHOP, by distinguishing themselves from IHOP's breakfast is fun strategy.

Dabitch's picture

Free food= BOLD MOVE.

And as far as production values goes my god the sound of that cream-PFffFFFFFT-ING is awesome can we invent an award for that? It's EPIC!

Neaner's picture

bold! I'm expecting riots.