Designboom talks to Neville Brody

Designboom has an interview with Neville Brody which I'm sure you don't want to miss.

DB: how has your studio evolved over the years and are you still very much hands on as a designer?

NB: we now have hubs in london, berlin, tokyo and seoul – but we work at a human scale. we’ve never had masses of people working for us in any of the offices. the london office had 20 people working in it at one time but we’ve since scaled down. our thought has always been ‘if you can’t all go to lunch together then there’s too many of you’. you need personal contact and familiarity with your colleagues.

you’ll find that the majority of the work in very big agencies is mostly on the production side. we, on the other hand have always been more interested in the creative and strategic side of things rather than mass production – that has never changed. it’s this approach that has allowed me to be very hands on with our clients up until today.

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