Destiny 2 "New Legends Will Rise" (2017) 2:00 (USA)

Nathan Fillion fills us in on the new Destiny in a way that is trying hard not to seem complicated. The Earth is gone. Everything we know abotu the Earth is gone. Which is weird, since Destiny is a video game that takes place primarily on a social space that isn't on Earth, but once you start talking about story lines you sound like you have twelve-sided die, so I guess they're trying to make it more mainstream by mentioning familiar thing like binge watching and taco Tuesday or something. I don't know. All I know is Nathan Fillion will tap into that all important core-gamer demographic which needs to keep this game alive. And they won't really care what the plot line which is good because the plot line is some alien has attacked you and destroyed Earth and now you need to take revenge and kill said alien and their army. And of course the alien has a name that sounds like a nerd named it. Lord Ghaul and his army called the Red Legion.
After the montage of stuff blowing up, we continue on in the same vein as all other Destiny commercials before it: with a expected blend of bro-humor and Guardians of The Galaxy, directed by a Hollywood Director, in this case Jordan Vogt-Roberts who directed, Funny or Die videos and Kong: Skull Island. The only difference besides the first half is that they swapped out Led Zeppelin for The Beastie Boys as the soundtrack this time. Whatever. It could be Destiny 2 or Destiny 2000 but if you played the game you know what you're in for: grinding for weapons, micro-transactions, grinding to level up and grinding with friends because grind grind grind. Supposedly Destiny is here to stay for ten years or so. I can't imagine seeing more of these same spots every other year.

Client: Activision Publishing
Chief Executive Officer: Eric Hirshberg
Chief Marketing Officer: Tim Ellis
SVP, Consumer Marketing: Todd Harvey
VP, Consumer Marketing: Matt Small
Director, Consumer Marketing: Alonso Velasco
Sr. Manager, Consumer Marketing: Pam Piscitello
Associate Manager, Consumer Marketing: Edgar Gamez

Agency: 72andSunny
Chief Executive Officer: Matt Jarvis
Founder/Creative Co-Chair: Glenn Cole
Founder/Creative Co-Chair: John Boiler
Group Creative Director: Matthew Curry
Creative Director/Designer: Rob Teague
Creative Director/Writer: Tim Wolfe
Sr. Writer: Samuel Moore
Sr. Writer: Armando Samuels
Sr. Designer: Juri Zaech
Sr. Designer: Chase Madrid
Chief Production Officer: Tom Dunlap
Sr. Film Producer: Jeff Yee
Film Producer: Lydia Sullivan
Film Producer: Nick Phillips
Director of Strategy: Bryan Smith
Strategy Director: Daniel Teng
Strategist: Jake Watt
Brand Director: Simon Hall
Sr. Brand Manager: Travis Cross
Brand Coordinator: Christina Nordin
Partnerships and Legal Director: Kallie Halbach
Partnerships and Legal Manager: Jesse Sinkiewicz
Partnerships and Legal Coordinator: Kelsey Buehler

Destiny World and Characters Created by Bungie

Production Company: RSA Films
Director: Jordan Vogt-Roberts
Executive Producer: Jules Daly
Executive Producer: Marjie Abrahams
Head of Production: Elicia Laport
Producer: Julien Lemaitre
Director of Photography: Ken Sent
Production Designer: Rene Naverette

Editorial: Cut + Run
Editor: Steve Gandolfi
Assistant Editors: Luc Giddens / Kelly Henson
Head of Production: Annabelle Dunbar-Whittaker
Executive Producer: Amburr Farls
Managing Director: Michelle Eskin

Visual Effects / Telecine: Framestore
LA Team:
Managing Director: James Razzall
Creative Director: Alex Thomas
Senior VFX Producer: Rachel Mariscal Creasey
VFX Supervisors: James Healy
Line Producers: Morenike Dosu
CG Supervisor: Cosku -Joshku- Ozdemir
Animation Supervisor: Marco Marenghi
Lighting Supervisor: Rich Shallcross
Compositing Supervisor: Michael Ralla
Colorists: Beau Leon / Jonah Braun
Color Producer: Andrew McLintock
Integration Lead: Sean Dollins
Modeling Lead: Aamir Karim
Texturing Lead: Jessica Groom
FX Lead: Alessandro Pepe
NY Team:
Producer: Nick Fraser
Line Producer: Molly McLaren
VFX Supervisor: John Montefusco
2D Supervisor: Steve Drew
Animation Leads: Jim Hundertmark, Shayne Ryan
Rigging Lead: Tao Ye
Lighting Lead: Greg White
Compositing Lead: Corrina Wilson

Finishing: Jogger Studios
Executive Producer: Rich Rama
Producer: Liz Lydecker
Producer: Lynne Mannino
Lead Flame Artist: Shauna Prescott
Flame Artists: Scott Johnson, Tony Pettiti
Flame Assistants: Jorge Tanaka, Jimmy Tom, Tim Tom
Production Coordinator: Caylee Banz

Costumes: Legacy Effects, LLC
Effects Supervisor: J. Alan Scott
Fabrication: Michelle Deville, Dawn Dininger, Amy Whetsel, Ilona Muschenetz and Hunter Chaney
3D Modeling and Design: Greg Smith, Pio Paulo Santana
Mechanical Dept: Richard Galinson, Chris Baretta, David Merritt
Art Dept: David Monzingo, Robert Ramsdell, Ian Stevenson, Randy Bailey
Painters: John Cherevka, Jamie Grove, Derek Rosengrant
Studio Coordinator: Damon Weathers

Recording Studio / Mix: Lime Studios
Mixer: Jeff Malen
Assistant Mixer: Ben Tomastik
Executive Producer: Susie Boyajan

Sound Design: Formosa Group
Supervising Sound Editor: Per Hallberg
Sound Designer: Jon Title
1st Assistant Sound Editor: Philip D. Morrill

Track: “Sabotage”
Performed by Beastie Boys
Written by M. Diamond, A. Horovitz, A. Yauch
Courtesy of Universal Music Group

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