Devour C.A.O. Recruitment Video (2016) :48 (Canada)

Devour jerky is looking for a a Chief Adventure Officer. And they are willing to pay you 25,000 to do it. Responsibilities include adventuring outdoors, skiing, mountain climbing, and eating a boat load of Devour jerky while creating as much content online as possible. Looks like a fun job. even if the pay's not great. Hope there's a bonus for a good performance.

Client: Maple Leaf
Vice President, Integrated Marketing: D'Arcy Finley
Director Consumer Marketing: Jerry Sen
Manager Consumer Marketing: Rebecca Quach
Vice President, Marketing and Masterbrands: Chantal Butler
Marketing Director: Kate Beresford
Marketing Manager: Tina Lucas
Production House: Heyd & Seek
Director/DP: Jesse Blight
Editor: Jesse Blight
Audio Production: Cylinder Sound
Line Producer: Robbie McNamara
Executive Producer: Cynthia Heyd
Agency: john st.
Creative Director: Niall Kelly
Art Directors: David Glen, Gerardo Agbuya
Copywriters: Noah Feferman, Jesse Wilks
Producer: Neal Owusu
Account Director: Sandra Avey
Account Supervisor: Lauren Aitchison
Account Executive: Martha Watson
Director of Strategic Planning: Jason Last
Strategic Planner: Fanny Rabinovitch-Kuzmicki
Digital Account Director: Sasha Abrams
Head of Digital Design and User Experience: Alex Theroux
Content Writer: Aidan Johnston
Digital Content Lead: Adam Ferraro
Design Director: Mo Bofill
Designer: Pawel Rokicki

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