Dick's "Vault. Sleep. Repeat." (2016) 1:00 (USA)

Mostly wordless spot featuring Olympic hopeful and Dick's employee Josh Dangel who, when he's not fitting shoes for other people, is training is butt off. This is part of Dick's "contenders" series featuring employees who are all trying to go for gold. I like how they let the visceral aspects speak louder than the words. Dick's seems like the perfect place to work in that aspect. If you don't have a sponsor, at least you get (I assume) a discount on gear.

Agency: Anomaly
CD: Mike Byrne, Seth Jacobs, Marc Sarosi, Mikey Cohlmi
Copy: Teddy Miller
Producer: Matt Flaherty

Production Company: Anonymous Content
Director: Omri Cohen
DP: Adam Richards
EP: Gina Zapata, Sueellen Clair
Producer: Bridgitte Pugh

Editorial Company: Lost Planet Editorial
Editors: Bruce Herrman (Vault), Max Koepke (Footwear)
Assistant Editors: Alexander Evan Morales (Vault), Epy Carrieri (Footwear)
Executive Producer: Krystn Wagenberg
Executive Producer: Gary Ward
Producer: Casey Cayko

Post/Effects Company: Black Hole
Flame Artist: Tim Farrell
Assistant Flame Artist: Luke Bedillion
Senior Producer: Tim Vierling

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