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Die Antwoord - Ugly Boy - (2014) music video (South Africa)

Die Antwoord are back once more with their by now familiar twist on creepy imagery, there's blood tears, gory fights, hypnotic dancing in painted costumes. Ninja directed it, so the scenes are super saturated and styling is gorgeous gargoyle. To up the ante this time, they have celebrity cameos, top model Cara Delevingne throws herself into the arms of Ninja, while Marilyn Manson receives the attention and flowers from Yo-Landi Vi$$er. Dita von Teese shows us why she is the queen of burlesque with black nipple covers and a slow motion roll, and in between there's the ATL twins & perfectly paired dancers hopping around. Is that Jack Black in scar makeup? Why yes it is. Also, Flea, dancing with Yo-landi. At one point I think it's Aphex Twin who is wearing black makeup, an afro-wig and a sweatshirt that declares "Hello my name is GOD", while bouncing around on clouds, an image that I'm sure will be written about and analyzed from the US-centric race-relation perspective in countless blogs for days to come. It's not my favorite Die Antwoord video, but the perfect celebrity cameos and a nicely arranged outrage storm will ensure that Die Antwoord's most recent album will invade the US airwaves from now 'til christmas. Expect to be hopping on a dancefloor at new years singing along to "Ugly Boy".

Directed by: Ninja

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There's a chaos magick sign on that dudes shirt.

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There's plenty more if you care to look. Yo-Landi gives us the All Seeing Eye of Horus over her eyes with that heart sign, Jack Black is the one eyed king, and Aphex Twin is God, of course.