Digital Doesn’t Matter: Reinventing the Advertising Industry

Here's something your shiny new iPad (and soon android tablet) won't want to be without; "Over 100 of the world’s top Mad Men break down how the ad industry lost its way—and what the future will look like if we don't fix it." Is it a book? Yes! Is it an app? Yes! Is kickstart funded? You betcha - man this thing checks all the digital boxes.

Josh Sklar and John Lambie of Heresy, themselves no strangers to the ever evolving landscape of digital and advertising as Josh is XM’s founding employee and first creative director, while John Lambie is an XM veteran who has since migrated to tech startups, wanted to create something that is ever evolving... just like the digital world of advertising. We all agree that the industry is broken, but how can we all fix it? Lets ask the people in the industry who work right in it!

Then, lets package the answers into a book, an app, all of the above, because to quote Josh and John: "this book will continue to evolve, grow and stay relevant. Our goal is to publish it as an iPad app (with Android to soon follow) with continually updating content. We hope to redefine what a “book” can be and that is what the Kickstarter money is really for. "

Chapters can be updated. New ones regarding roles not yet covered can be added. The book is alive.

The industry brains picked here include David Sable (Y&R, the weekly ramble), David Shulman (Organic), Jon Cook (VML), Alan Schulman (SapientNitro), Torrence Boone (Google), Frederique Covington (Microsoft), Dirk Eschenbacher (Ogilvy & Mather), Jennifer Seidel (American Association of Advertising Agencies), Steve Hall (Adrants and Playboy), Brian Solis (Altimeter Group), Professor Edward Boches (Creativity_Unbound, Boston University, Mullen), Peter Kim (Being Peter Kim, R/GA), George Tannabaum (Ad Aged, R/GA), Åsk Wäppling ( - oh wait, that's me!), Aden Hepburn (Digital Buzz), Steffan Postaer (Gods of Advertising, gyro), Bob Hoffman (The Ad Contrarian), Dave Fleet (, Edelman), David Kirkpatrick (MarketingSherpa), Dr Neal Burns (University of Texas), Adam Trisk (CrowdTwist) & top industry minds from companies including Nike, Samsung, Dell, American Express, and Nokia. It'll be fun, I promise, and chock-full of opinion, experience and anecdotes.

The book/app/digital-reading-hybrid also has its own facebook page so now you have to go like it if you're proper digital guru. Go on.

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Hey guys -

Well done on smashing the Kickstarter targets!

Good luck with rest of the project,