Digital Food Waste "#grønnpose" (2013) 1:00 (Norway)

In Norway, people put their scraps into a green bag and it gets collected and recycled and fed into the bus.
Problem is, more people instagram their food, than throw it in the green recycling bags.
To change this, Saatchi Norway created Grønnpose. The campaign encouraged people to hashtag their insatgram photos as a way raise awareness about the green bags.
Whenever someone put the hashtag on their food pictures, a bus on the website moved. The farther it moved, the more prizes were unlocked.
Fun idea.

Advertising Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi Norway, Oslo, Norway
Creative Director: Oyvind Waage, Eiliv Gunleiksrud
Art Director: Snorre Martinsen, Christopher Koltzow, Linus Hjellström
Copywriter: Oyvind Waage
Animation and Video : Joe Langdon
Additional Credits: Haakon Fretheim, Jon Fredrik Sandengen, Rune Sandnes, Almir Busevac, Gry Bækkelund, Rune Sandnes

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