Dignity Institute - Talking Bones - (2016) 1:47 (France)

More than 125,000 political violence and torture victims live in France, but you never notice them. You can't see what their bodies have suffered through. The French government has still not implemented a health and social security policy to help or assist victims. The Dignity Institute, an international association based in Denmark asked Grey Paris to run an awareness campaign.

Grey Paris wanted to show you you what you can't see, and took x-rays of the victims. They then put the victim’s audio testimonies on their own medical x-rays. Place the x-ray on a turntable and you can play it like a vinyl record and listen to Arta’s, Adnan’s and Fidele’s stories. Hearing the victims tell of what happened, while you can see their physical injures is a reality-jab. It becomes impossible to ignore. You can take a closer look at the x-rays here.

Grey Paris sent vinyl records to key French influencers to create a real conversation about this highly sensitive subject.
The hashtag #TALKINGBONES is spreading on social media, and you can learn more at talking bones.

Ad agency: Grey, Paris
Executive Creative Director: Thierry Astair

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