Direct Insurance ad 'breaks down' live on TV. Sort of.

A new commercial for Direct Insurance Catastrophe coverage, which as teh name implies is meant to cover unpredictable damage, began airing in Israel two weeks ago. The star of the commercial was none other than "Murphy", the mastermind behind "Murphy's Law" renowned for bringing on catastrophe wherever he goes - as popular opinion knows Murphy's law.

The ad shows clips from Murphy's life, and all the disasters that follow him around as he is born, growing and finally visiting Israel. Check the 45 seconds here:

This Saturday night, Murphy's "bad luck" spread to the commercial itself - see that much shorter version here:

Aired during a commercial break on the "A star is born" show, (no.1 TV show in Israel), the Direct Insurance commercial broke out in flames and burnt Live. The commercial, which could not be broadcast in its entirety, boasted a surprising ending as a slide appeared with the following title:

"We apologize for the technical difficulties but catastrophes can happen to anyone"
Ad agency: Shalmor Avnon Amichay / Y&R Interactive Tel Aviv

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