Dish network - ads that don't suck.

Publicis West has created a new campaign for Dish network that doesn't stink. ;) Playing up the puns quite literally with dead pan delivery, these four ads are worth a peek. "Wow, it sucks hard." is a line in the ads, not about the ads.

Produced by, directed by Steve Miller together with d.op. Mandy Walker and put together by the team from Publicis John Meyer (AD), Conn Newton (CW), Eric Cosper & Simeon Roane (GCD), Bob Moore (ECD), Agency producer Mary Ellen Farrar and agency executive producer Derek Ruddy.




Arm & Leg

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I thought they were going with a "TV blows" thing for the dinner one.

Where's the fourth "TV is a pile of clown vomit"?

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One Million Moms say

DISH Network commercial teaches kids to use crude language
DISH Network (EchoStar Communications) is airing ads that repeatedly use the phrase "sucks" to describe how cable TV compares to their DISH Network. Here's how one customer described it:

The [ad] campaign is simply a constant reiteration of the phrase "TV SUCKS". My children were not allowed to speak like that in our home, and they are following suit by instructing our grandchildren in the same manner.

Another supporter said:

I am very offended by a current commercial of Dish Network where two women are in a living room and the television is acting like a magnet and pulling things towards it. The dialogue goes something like this: First woman: "What's that?" Second woman: "My TV sucks." First woman: "Your TV sucks?" Second Woman: "Yeah. . .doesn't yours suck?" This commercial is such a problem because my two-and-a-half year old will stop what she's doing to watch it and I have to desperately fumble for the remote.

You can view the ads for yourself at

We believe the DISH Network ads are teaching children imitative behavior and language most parents disapprove of.

Please send an email to DISH Network (EchoStar Communication) and let them know you are offended at their casual use of crude and inappropriate language.
Send Your Letter Now!

Sad isn't it?

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These 4 spots are airing but there is also a 5th which doesn't seem to be on the dish network site

The 5th starts with a professor getting his clothes sucked off when he turns on the television, has anyone recorded this 5th spot?