Dish Network - Binky (2005) 0:30 (USA)

"Oh, yeah, that's my TV. It sucks."

Agency: Publicis West
Executive Creative Director: Bob Moore
Group Creative Directors: Eric Cosper, Simeon Roane
Art Director: John Meyer
Copywriter: Conn Newton
Agency Executive Producer: Derek Ruddy
Agency Producer: Mary Ellen Farrar
Production Company:
Director: Steve Miller
Director of Photography: Mandy Walker
Editor: Slice Editorial - Johnna Turiano / Kelly Vander Linda
Music/Sound Design: Ripe Sound - Andy Newell
Graphics/Titles: FAD, Seattle

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"Sucking hard" jokes and babies don't mesh.

Am I wrong?

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Oh my god, you're right! Babies SUCK milk from NIPPLES! We're all going to hell!

Seriously, "suck" and even "sucking hard" isn't sexual in itself. Jet engines suck real hard.

also, all of these ads really suck...... ;)