Disque Denúncia "The Carnival's Sentinel." (2018) 1:30 (Brazil)

Olinda's Carnival should be a joyous time in Brazil. Unfortunately this isn't always the case, and in fact, domestic violence has been on the increase during carnival every year. Knowing that Olinda's Carnival is famous for its traditional giant dolls, Agência3 decided to tap into that iconography to send a clear message. They partnered with Disque Denúncia ( an Anti-Crime Hotline), has created a special giant doll: The Carnival's Sentinel. Almost four meters tall and with an excellent view of the surroundings, it was equipped with a security camera and transmit real-time information to local police. This special doll was able to identify offenders, collect evidence and as a result, the instances of domestic violence dropped sharply.

Advertised brand: Disque Denúncia Advertising Agency: Agência3 VP Creative Director: Paulo Castro Creative Director: Fábio Onofre Art Director: Diego Guerhardt Copywriter: Saul Gervasio Account Director: Rafaella Eyer Projects: Ana Denaro, Deborah Peixoto, Fernanda Pinheiro Images: Marcelo Cruz Post-Production: Diogo Ribeiro Film Production: Março Produções Sound Production: Silence

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