Disturbing McDonald's Ad from India

It's one way to announce a new store. Created by Leo Burnett, New Delhi.

(Via adfreak via adsoftheworld)

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Dabitch's picture

Holy crap is that ever CREEEEPY!

Plywood's picture

What a horribly awful idea.

caffeinegoddess's picture

It's still early but I'd give this a nomination for creepiest ad of the year.

Dabitch's picture

It's not at all early, there's only a hundredsomething days left for Xmas! Argh!
Actually that thing is so damn creepy I'm going to dig up something else to post just to get him off teh top page. I nearly have a heartattack every time I load it. Gaaaah!

beadprincessk's picture

you've gotta give it an A+ in the attention factor though... not that it makes you want to eat there.
If only it wasn't so deathly pale!

aiiobo's picture

The idea is "right" in a way though, it follows ye olde visual execution perfectly. It just looks so sickly wrong. Any second now it'll grow fangs and EAT US ALL!

Dabitch's picture

To top it all off, it's a pretty terrible photoshop job too. At least paint a damn baby when you do such creepy ads, willya?