Dita von Teese will make you thirsty for Perrier

Anyone who follows @ditavonteese on twitter or foursquare will have spotted that she is checking in to a mystery mansion somewhere in France. The good news is that you can check in to the same mansion without leaving your house. It's the www.PerrierbyDita.com mansion, where you can with skills and good cursor manners tease and follow Dita, and if you do well get a bit of seduction, burlesque, glamour, sexy in return... It's laid out as an interactive adventure, and if you don't have manners, you're out....

Ogilvy Paris created the interactive adventure, and released it quietly, letting Dita's fans discover the game on their own (via her cryptic tweets and 4square check-ins), which has already gone quite well as the Facebok fan page is steadily growing. "We didn't want to tack a celebrity onto the brand, like some do, in the case of Dita, Perrier and her are a match". Anyone who follows Dita's twitter knows that she is strict about her food and a big mineral water fan so this sounds quite right, Perrier also has a touch of class and a long history that more modern waters (*coff* Dasani *coff*) can only dream of.

The adventure begins as you pull in to the large Mansion, and Dita lets you in.

If you find her, you can snap polaroids of Dita in the dark room. The trick is to find her. Easier said than done.

The interactive site is created with the help of Anders Hallberg at B-Reel, the "hybrid" production company who often tell stories via digital immersion adventures. B-Reel & B-Reel Films have developed a production process for digital and integrated projects, which aims to guide agencies around the world toward an effective and creative production process and are the guys (and gals) to call for something like this.

Chris Garbutt and Fabio Costa at Ogilvy Paris worked on this campaign.

Dita has even graced limited edition Perrier bottles earlier this year for Perrier.

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The site is live now!