Dnata Travel "Bali" (2017) :30 (UAE)

Surfing in Bali? No. Jimmy isn't really riding the waves of Bali. He's standing on the bed with his VR headset just pretending. To make the point that VR is stupid. And you should travel for real. It's better. The art direction is amazing and the voice over is so dry it's in a drought emergency. This is a great campaign.

Client: Emirates Group
Product: Dnata Travel
Agency: TBWA\RAAD Dubai
CCO: Walid Kanaan
ECD: Fouad Abdel Malak
CD: Manuel Bordé
Creative Team: Gabriel Gama, Guilherme Grossi, Oswaldo Sa
Head of Art: Claudio Campisto
Head of Accounts: Joe Laham
Account Team: Monisha Mirchindani, Heba Younes
Production House: Good People
Director: Ali Ali
DOP: Pierre Mouarkech
Editor: Amr Rabee
Executive Producer: Michel Abou Zeid
Grading: Karim Mira
Sound Design: Hosny Ali
Online: Lizard, Cairo

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