Dolce & Gabbana gay kiss ad not banned

At least eightynine people complained about the gay kiss in the Dolce & Gabbana advert which super adgrunts can see here. However, this is not a good enough reason to ban it, says the ASA : "We did not consider that a kiss between two men automatically made an ad unacceptable for broadcast or that the kiss was in itself grounds for imposing a stricter timing restriction," it said in its ruling.

From Brand republic:

The advertising watchdog has cleared a TV ad featuring a gay kiss for broadcast during family programming despite 89 complaints, many of whom objected to children seeing it. The ad promotes Dolce & Gabbana watches and features a brief kiss on the lips between two men after one of them gives a watch to the other, who is loading shopping into his car. It was created by Italian agency FilmLover.

Did we see the same ad? He's not loading in the shopping, he's getting his hands dirty fixing the engine - which would also be the reason he asks his lover to look after his watch. To avoid oilstained Dolce & Gabbana timepieces. duh! He's handy and clean. Gotta love him.

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