Dolculax - Chicken / Pig - print ads, Colombia

Why did the chicken cross the road? Because strings? It can't comprehend the concept of a road. It's just looking for food. In fact, chicken brains are so small Mike the headless chicken lived for years after his head was chopped off.

Somehow this rope-style execution is selling us constipation relief. At first I thought it was the twine one can tie around meat. Now I'm just grossed out.

Client : Boehringer-Ingelheim Dulcolax
Agency : REP/GREY Worldwide Colombia

Creative Director: Diego Castellanos - Juan Carlos Fandiño
Executive Creative Director : Juan Pablo Hernandez
Art Director : Camilo Monzón
Copywriter : Sebastian Benítez
Production company : La Lupa
Agency Producer : Johanna Guerra

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