Donna Summer- "I feel love." (Big Machine) USA


BiG MACHINE created "Videophonic" which is a collab of nine design studios creating original music videos for songs that were released in the Pre-MTV days. Because everyone wants to know what 70's songs would have looked like set to video.

You can see them all here but we've got BiG MACHINE's video for Donna Summer's "I feel love," below.

"I Feel Love" / DONNA SUMMER from Steve Petersen on Vimeo.

While I appreciate wanting to create videos for songs created before the Pre-MTV era, I'm not sure that a Furries , meets misogyny meets strange lesbian/bestiality, with a very obvious nod to the early MTV hit "Hungry Like The Wolf," is the best example of awesome. Could just be me, though.

Director: Steve Petersen
Director of Photography: Thomas Stanton
Producer: Matt LeBoeuf
Executive Producer: Sean Owolo
Associate Producer: Nancy Berni
Art Director: Ming Wang
Art Director: Elizabeth Steinberg

Actually, I think I'd rather stick with Hungry Like The Wolf. The body paint was more interesting.

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