Don't advertise here!

Cute, this bus-shelter poster in Stockholm reads "Don't advertise here!" and much like tabloid headlines they explain it with a quick "new research shows that twice as many people would read ads in the morning newspaper". But hang on a second, since I noticed the ad... It worked, didn't it? I read a lot more into it since I spotted this ad in the poshest of posh hoods on my way to Djurgården and read it as if it was a small protest from all the rich folks in the hood "get your damn ads out of my hood - unless it's for Mercedes". Oh yeah, that'll be the day. Doubly odd is the fact that this is an ad for GP - the Gothenburg Post, a local paper... In Stockholm. Hmmmm.

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Could you make those copyright notices a little bigger?

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Sorry that did get a little huge. But it's much harder to claim ignorance when one can read directly on the image that it is, indeed, copyrighted.