Dont be a workwanker

If you or someone you know is a work wanker, there is no hope for you. Luckily there is a site called Workwankers in which you or someone you know can now be called out with humor and killer illustration style. Funny stuff.

The wankers in question range from pervy men, to dinosaur ECD's to the obligatory person with accent, to constant name droppers. In other words, everyone who works in advertising.

But hold up now. I don't see a name for creative teams who try to stir up publicity for themselves by creating spec work about advertising life instead of making ads that solve problems. The Unfulfilled? Navel Gazers? Half-assers?

Creative Director/Illustrator/CW: Joe Sayaman
Creative Director/AD: Peter Cortez
Developer: Sam Mylarczyk

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