Dos Equis "Most Interesting Fan" (2017) :30 (USA)

He once was the most interesting man in the world. Now he's a sweepstakes runner, searching for The Most Interesting Fan-- of college football. Rob RIggle shows up for comic relief. If you are an interesting spectator sport fan you might end up with your very own life-sized statue in the College Football Hall of Fame. How do you say "stick a fork in this campaign and turn it over cause it's done," in Spanish?

Client: Heineken USA (Dos Equis Brand)
Heineken USA CMO: Nuno Teles
VP, Marketing Dos Equis: Andrew Katz
Sr. Brand Director Dos Equis: Karla Flores
Brand Manager Dos Equis: Hannah Dray
Manager, External Corp. Communications: Kierstin Crane
Assistant General Counsel: Jax Russo Curtin
Creative Agency: Red Urban New York
CCO: Icaro Doria
CD/CW: Avinash Baliga
CD/AD: Paulo Junger
Senior Copywriter: Caroline Monday
Senior Art Director: Cassondra Bazelow
Head of Production: Ed Zazzera
Senior Producer: Amanda Van Caneghem
Managing Director: Michael Collins
Account Director: Emilio Rosas
General Counsel: Sandra Lieb
Production Co: Smith & Jones
Director: Ulf Johansson
Exec. Producer: Philippa Smith
DP: Andrzej Sekula
Production Designer: Bruce McCloskey
Line Producer: Justine Madero
Editorial: Final Cut
Editor: Rick Russell
Executive Producer: Sarah Roebuck
Senior Producer: Penny Ensley
Producer: Lena Lobel
Assistant Editor: Geoff Hastings
2nd Assistant for Loading: Brandon Iben
Audio Company: Significant Others
Lead Mixer/Sound Designer: T. Terressa Tate
Mixer/Sound Designer: Marc Healy
Sound Assist: Chas Langston
Audio Producer: Kyra Hendricks
Music: Beacon Street Studios
Composers: Beacon Street Studios
Executive Producer: Adrea Lavezzoli
Finishing: Smoke & Mirrors
Executive Producer: Steve Intrabartola
Producer: Krystle Timm
Flame: Dino Tsaousis
Colorist: Evan Kultangwatana

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Tacky! Miss the original character and voice over.