Dos Equis - The Most Interesting man in the world - Adios Amigo (2016) :60

The most interesting man in the world goes to Mars, it's a one way trip. If there's intelligent life on Mars, sending him as our world ambassador is a genius idea.

So yes, this is a goodbye. This will be actor Jonathan Goldsmith’s last appearance in the role, and the campaign encourages you to tweet #AdiosAmigo to this long running character, who in the end, had more snappy one liners than all those Chuck Norris jokes. His worst enemies list him as an emergency contact. The dictator general who once imprisoned him now arm wrestles him once a year. He found what Bono was looking for. He doesn't need a space ship to come back, he'll build one on Mars.

#AdiosAmigo you had a great run. See his closest Confidants Say Farewell - Adios Amigo and a gang of bikers say adios.

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