Downy's pathetic attempt at Super Bowl spot

Apparently the creatives behind this sad sack of an ad for Downy's Unstopables, think it's a quality idea to rip off a classic Super Bowl spot and make it suck. Mean Joe Greene sells his soul along with Amy Sedaris in this 30-second spot. Sure, it's a pre-game ad, but that doesn't mean you should half-ass it. Plus, Coke already went there in 2009 for its Coke Zero with "Mean Troy". Oh Grey, you should really be ashamed.

Watch it, and feel my pain:

Then feel better by watching the Coca Cola original from 1980:

Or see the 2009 version for Coke Zero:

It will be interesting to see if the folks at Coca-Cola bring their legal sharks into action on this one.

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"Last time I'm doin' THIS."

I should bloody well hope so, Mean Joe.