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Dr. Giorgini "#Nowadays" 1:55 (Italy)

Imagine that-- an ad based around an idea. There are always new ways than ever to excite us. But the ways to relax never change. I've never heard of Dr Giorgini-- maybe because it's not popular here in the States. But this ad makes me want to try it. Not just because who doesn't need to relax, but because it is mocking our fascination with new shiny technological objects.

Normally I'd criticize the length of the spot, believing less is more. In this context, however, it is great. Once you get over the Blair Witch shaky-cam, you start to feel the man's panic as a simple camping trips turns into a horror show as he and his lady run for their lives, and get separated. He finds an old camping van and just when he thinks he's safe from the unseen terror outside (is it a bear? is it something more demonic) the thing tosses the van upside down.

And then as if in a bad dream, he comes to. But it's not a bad dream.  He's wearing a VR headset. Too much excitement for one evening, he takes it off and gratefully accepts a steaming cup of Dr Giorgini's natural remedies, which haven't changed since 1977.



Give me a pack to try, please.

Also, great work letting the camera and sound design do the heavy lifting. Who needs a big CG budget?

Client: Dr Giorgini

Agency: Deloitte Digital

Alessandro Gaudio – Deloitte Digital, Partner

Emanuele Viora – Deloitte Digital, Executive Creative Director

Andrea Jaccarino – Deloitte Digital, Executive Creative Director

Fabrizio Marvulli – Deloitte Digital, Manager

Vasco Bertoldi – Deloitte Digital, Creative Strategist

Ziad Tayah – Deloitte Digital, Digital Media Specialist

Pierangelo Spina – Filmgood, Executive Producer

Carlotta Magnani – Producer

Igor Borghi – Director

Luca Esposito – DOP

Luigi Pelizzo – Scenography

Giulia Tagliaferri – Costumi

Caterina Martini - Direttore di produzione

Lorenzo Colungati – Editor

Vincenzo Casucci – Music

EDI Effetti Digitali Italiani - Post Production

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This is so great! In a sea of shit, a real winner!