Dr Phil's poll question on twitter is accused of adding to rape culture

The new "asking for a friend" is "asking for my show", it seems, as Dr Phil blurted out this question on twitter: "If a girl is drunk, is it OK to have sex with her: reply with yes or no to @DrPhil #teensaccused"

The setup, with the random question on twitter and hashtag #teenaccused seem to indicate that Dr Phil may be doing a show on the topic. I assumed he would get lots of "no" replies, and any "yes" replies would be made an example of on the show, to educate people. It might be the recent Steubenville case and similar that has sparked Dr Phils interest, and he may have intended to create a show that would help teenagers understand the concept of consent - but twitter screamed "rape culture" so loud, the intern manning the account deleted the tweet right quick.

Not everyone is giving Dr Phil as much slack as I am, in fact the hashtag he added - #teensaccused" is suggested to be because the story is told from the rapist point of view. Hmm. As with everything that causes a wave on twitter, there's a petition to make Dr Phil apologize for the rape tweet. If the goal was to educate kids about consent, Dr Phil can pretty much sit back and let twitter do it for him now.

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