Drug Policy Alliance "Your brain on drug policy" (2017) 1:21 (USA)

I should have posted this yesterday but it slipped my mind, man. Probably because I was too busy working.

Anyway, Rachel Leigh Cook reprises her original role as The Brain On Drugs Girl to now tell us the war on drugs is B.S. because the white eggs get a pass while the brown eggs are way more likely to get incarcerated by using drugs. Tragic. And horrible. And as usual with ads like this, it offers up no solution and is convoluted and not very effective. As a child who saw the original ad, this new version pales in comparison. Why? Because even if you think it's hokey, frying an egg or in Rachel Leigh Cook's heroin version, smashing it with a frying pan is a very simple metaphor that is easy to understand.

When she says 'Any questions,' at the end, I want to raise my hand and say "Yeah I've got a bunch of them. Why did you feel the need to go through some long animated sequence when I was already tracking you with the white and brown egg analogy at the front? Did it occur to you that throwing around statistics does not make for a good ad? What is the systemic issue that causes economically depressed people to become drug abusers and how do you plan to battle that? Where would you rather see the money used to stop drugs entering this country go? Should we legalize all drugs? How do you plan on treating addicts? Do you plan to wean them off like with methadone clinics, or do you prefer the state enable their addiction with quote, safe injection sites, unquote. Do you consider the war on opioid addiction a fair war as it one of the few areas where addiction is color blind and effects everyone? Who exactly is the Drug Alliance Policy? Do you think the majority of Americans would support it if they knew George Soros donates four million dollars annually to it?

And perhaps most importantly, while I know it's interesting to reprise an "iconic," role here, don't you think the message would have been better conveyed by someone who isn't white?

Client: Drug Policy Alliance
Creative Agency: Green Point Creative, New York
Creative Director: Howard Bowler
Managing Director: Jon Mackey
Production Manager: Mary Valentino

Production Company: Motiv Creative, New York
Director Ryan Kleier

Production Services: The Shed, New York
Makeup/Hair: Abby Hayden
Sound: Chris Viall
Gaffer: Andreas Roalsvig
Director of Photography: Matt McClain
1st Assistant Camera: Matt Donovan
Production Assistant: Josh Lee

Animation/Post Production: Edit 1, New York
Animation Creative Director: Michael Zimbard
Producer: Dan Fuerst
Art Producer: Diane Boston
Illustrator: Kevin Kobasic
2D Animation: Erica Jaffin Matt Trudell

Music/Audio Post: HOBO Audio, New York
Mix/Sound Design: Chris Stangroom/Diego Jimenez
Music: Oscar Convers/Julian Angel

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