DuckDuckGo grows up, time to replace Google as default search engine

Don' is another compelling argument from DuckDuckGo to switch search engines, and really you should do it, right now. Because with Google, you are living in an internet bubble. The internet bubble knows all about you, and serves you results depending on what you and your social circle have been reading lately. So if you've had a feeling that you're stuck in a Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon loop, where what you just learned about keeps showing up, well you can blame that spying search engine you use.

You may also want to read, as that one shows your innocent search of "herpes" may show up when you're trying to get a good insurance deal and ... uh-oh. You've been denied.

Check DuckDuckGo's about page and you'll find that they have new features that make it a sophisticated search engine - with the USP it cares about your privacy. Oh, and if you're still paranoid about the ads that follow you around, DuckDuck go made this page for you:

DuckDuckGo also enables you to search directly on other sites with the "!bang" commands

word !d to search The Free Dictionary,
word !w to search Wikipedia,
word !filestube to search downloads at Filestube
word !v to search YouTube,
word !tumblr to search Tumblr,
word !i to search Google Images,
word !a to search Amazon,
word !py to search the Python documentation,

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Groovy. Even though I use a [redacted] load of methods to keep nosey folks out of my searches I still have no positive proof google is not up my data a[redacted]. Google search results are becoming less useful due to, reasons. it's time to jump ship. Thanks.

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The whole search engine as command-line thing is rather addictive I must say.

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