The Dutch Army shoot every ADCN Annual 2008 - ordered by the Stone Twins

No, this wasn't a bomb scare or possible terrorist action, the Dutch armies help was enlisted by the design duo The Stone Twins - Declan and Garech Stone - to shoot every single one of this years dayglo pink ADCN book. Daaamn I wish they had called me for that job. ;) Right now I can't think of a better way to spend 600 bullets.
The creative concept is explained by The Stone Twins in the book's introduction:

Why shoot every book (and waste 600 bullets)?
We wanted to metaphorically suggest creative targets.
We wanted to create a concept that didn't compete with the award-winning work.
We wanted to take a shot at the egos and the self-aggrandising of adworld.
We wanted to play John Rambo.
We wanted to see what would happen when a bullet rips through a 300-page book at over 1200 m/s.
We wanted to have a pop at the notion of awards.
We wanted some hairy midgets to hold aloft the books during the firing (but the ADCN said no).
We wanted to make a Bang!

You adgrunts might recall their Logo R.I.P book which won a silver ADCN back in 2004.

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