eightytwenty uses Tinder to highlight sex trafficking

The Immigrant Council and Dublin based digital/experiential agency eightytwenty used Tinder to create awareness for the Immigrant Council of Ireland about sex trafficking and prostitution.

Sex trafficking is an incredibly profitable crime, but most people aren't aware that it goes on in their own communities. The Immigrant Council of Ireland's awareness campaign is one more step towards shedding light on this very serious problem. While you can swap left or right, someone forced into prostitution has no option. I'm glad they ended on an actual call to action, too. It's one thing to use this media in order to shock people, and make them think. By adding the website and call to action, they're actually letting me know I can do something about it, which makes this a really great use of contextual media and effective, too.

Client: Immigrant Council of Ireland
Agency: eightytwenty

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