Enfance Majuscule hide children in online ads, to remind people how many suffer from child abuse

In France, the association 'Childhood Shift' (fondation Enfance Majuscule) struggle daily to help children who experience violence. To raise awareness of the many children who suffer in France, the foundation had the idea, in partnership with the agency FCB Paris, to set up an original operation on Leboncoin - the french version of eBay.

Several ads were posted on the site highlighting children's furniture sold on Leboncoin. For each ad, you can see a child hiding somewhere in the photograph, like an abused child would. The idea of this campaign was to make the invisible visible in France. The association also issued press releases, declaring that "Children do not hide that to play". A very simple idea that's already gone viral in France.

Here are some examples of the ads on Leboncoin: closet, baby crib, children's bed, children's bookshelf and another bed, with drawers

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