Engagement Citoyen - The Return of Ben Ali / Ben Ali is back Tunis!

تصويرة بن علي رجعت في حلق الوادي

Watch your back, suddenly Ben Ali is peering down on pedestrians in a giant poster somewhere in Tunisia. The reactions are swift, after the initial stunned wondering, then anger, people talk to each other and gather up steam to jointly pull the giant poster down.

And that was exactly the point. Only the citizens engagement can keep the citizens free. Well played Ogilvy Tunis.

Ad agency: Memac Ogilvy Label Tunis
Creative Director: Nicolas Courant
Copywriters: Mehdi Lamloum, Asma Kanzari, Yosri Mimouna
Art Director: Yassine Boughaba
Producer: Imed Marzouk
Director: Fedh Chabbi
Agency Producers: Moez Nemsi, Aziz M'Bazaia, Bedis Benamor
Other Credits: Gerald Heraud, Cherifa Benslamia

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