Enterprise "Business Boldly Going" (2016) 1:30 (USA)

Here's a charming spot for Enterprise car rental and their tie-in to Star Trek and Beyond. The Enterprise folks are all happily getting into the spirit of Star Trek by learning Klingon, interacting with customers who really want to rent the enterprise, bumping their heads on stealth ships and more. They even amended their tag line, going from "We'll pick you up," to "Until we can beam you up, we'll pick you up." Good to see a brand has a sense of humor. Why not? I'm sure that tie-in cost a pretty penny. Or whatever currency they use in space.

Client: Enterprise
Senior Marketing Specialist: Jesseca Grimm
Director of Media & Creative: Kyle Sanborn
Advertising Agency: Cannonnball
Creative Directors: Joe Bishop, Amy Venturella
Account Managers: Lauren Steiner, Adam Hickey
Agency Producer: Larry Israel
Production Company: Twist
Director: Matt Pittroff
DP: Joseph Zizzo
President/EP: Jim Geib
EP: Amyliz Pera
Producer: Alissa Liebert
Line Producer: Pat Fischer
Editorial Company: 90 Degrees West
Executive Producer: Pete Halliday
Editor: Scott Whiteaker

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