Envy Chain "Fernando Campos LDC" (2015) 2:04 (Brazil)

Here's something pretty cool coming from our friends at Blue Bus, a Brazilian website for the ad industry. How many of us are secretly envious of other creative and think "Man I wish I would have done that?" Well now, Blue Bus has created the Envy Chain in which other creatives are gracious enough to admit their envy.

First up is Fernando Campos, President at Clube de Criação de São Paulo. He selected ‘nfscan’, by the Brazilian agency LDC, as a campaign that makes him feel envious. “A brilliant idea, including regarding its simplicity”, said Campos about the campaign. I remember thinking nfscan was a really good idea when i wrote about it, too.

Now it's LDC who has to continue the envy chain.

What a fun idea. If you speak Portuguese, check out Blue Bus for more of these. Or if you have a Brazilian or Portuguese art director partner, get them to explain it to you. Also follow Envy Chain on twitter.

Agency/Creator: Blue Bus

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