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Esurance - #EqualDreams / Marriage dreams (2015) 3:00 (USA)

This clip shows us adorable kidlets at weddings, talking about weddings. Because they've been asked about their future wedding, while at a wedding, they're really inspired and have great ideas about what they'll have at their reception, like donuts larger than apartments and volcanoes with lava pouring everywhere, and all the doggies they'll invite and their friends doggies too! Aaaaw. Cut to people stating that they didn't dream about their future weddings when they were kids, because they knew they were different. They're gay. When I was a kid I never dreamt about my future wedding either, because I was too busy dreaming about being an astronaut - and I'm straighter than an arrow. I guess we're all wired differently.

Esurance has made this ad, because "as the world awaits the Supreme Court ruling on whether states should be required to issue marriage licenses to same sex couples and recognize same sex marriages performed in another state, Esurance recognizes all marriages." There you go people, in the eyes of Esurance, everyone can get married! So this online film called #EqualDreams, is to let you all know where Esurance auto insurance stands on this issue. Now where do they stand on giant volcanos at wedding receptions?

Leo Burnett

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