Etrade - Baby trader - (2008) : 30 (USA)

Oh no, not on the carpet!

Agency: Grey, NY

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All this says to me is "creepy" and "yuck". Thank Bishop's there's no clowns in it.

Doing the talking baby thing is dangerous territory. Beware! Remember baby Bob!

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A talking baby? Never heard of that before... 

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I liked the commercial up until the vomit part. That was pretty disgusting. How can that not turn you off?

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Double ugh. I just can't believe that something this old and tired made it through all those levels of approval and then e-trade spent all that money to air it.

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Oh America's future.

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With the current economy, is there a "hint" in someone buying stock and then throwing up?

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Oh dearie me. So bad I nearly spit up myself.

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Haters SUCK!

I just saw these for the first time today, because, well who needs all that socker with your TV commercials. And well, I laughed out loud, ooops, LedOL! I'll watch these over and over and laugh every time.

If you're too good for that, you need to schedule more time with your therapist.

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Soccer? Anyway, kudos to ya for having your own opinion.,

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One of the lists of "best super bowl commercials" for this year ranked this one really high. Apparently people liked this. That bothers me.