Euro Millions "Life after" (2015) 2:00 (Spain)

What is life like after EuroMillions? Pretty much the same as always. Except now you can catch the first plane out that morning and go globe trotting and fall in love a bunch of times and stay away for five years and take a bunch of classes and study and help other people in the morning and hang out with Spanish musician icon Kiko Veneno. The whole point of course is to tell a story that doesn't suggest the only thing you'd do after winning the lotto is sit on your butt in a big mansion while staring at a yacht.

I'm sure the original Spanish voice over is more powerful but I love the casualness of it either way. It feels more conversational and authentic somehow.

There's also a microsite where you can answer the question: "How would you spend your time after EuroMillions?” Then, using Google Street View it will take you to real places where you can enjoy the different experiences that the test suggested for you. Every experience has an assigned number and a personalized number combination is generated based on what they've been choosing. The test concludes with a personalised result that will be based both on the responses as well as the time the user spent browsing each screen. Once completed, the resulting number combination can be viewed and downloaded and the user will be able to play the EuroMillions draw to win the prize and, maybe even win a boatload of money.

Client: EuroMillions/Loterías y Apuestas del Estado and Shackleton
General Manager: Lucía Angulo
Communications and Marketing Director: Eva Pavo
CD: Juan Nonzioli
Director: Gunther Gheeraert

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