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Euro RSCG Amsterdam recruitment - a very targeted poaching poster

One doesn't usually book a single busposter (or "abri poster" as it's called in Dutch) - but that's exactly what Euro did for this one. This poster is at a tramstop where tram number 5 picks up creatives and suits from the four largest agencies in Amstelveen - a suburb of Amsterdam. They are either on their way home, or heading to the Bermuda triangle and a few drinks after work, quite likely hanging out with other ad-people. Either way, these ad-men and women wait here and the tram stop poster now speaks to them directly - want another job? Euro RSCG got help from JC Decaux so that they could make this one-time-and-place-only poster was placed on the ideal spot. Useless trivia: I used to wait for the tram at exactly this stop.



Agency: Euro RSCG Amsterdam
Joost van Praag Sigaar (Creative Director & CW)
Laurens Boschman (Creative Director & AD)

Client: Euro RSCG Amsterdam

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Nice idea. But 'out of hands'? I take it they are looking for a writer...

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In this shot it's translated from Dutch (and photoshopped). I doubt the copy was bad in Dutch, I can 'see' what it probably read. I betcha ten bucks it had the word "gezellig" in there somewhere.

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Poaching DTP people are we? Tut tut.