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Eurobest 2005

Eurobest 2005 wrapped up yesterday. And that means the results are in. Agency of the Year went to TBWA/Paris, and was followed by Publicis Conseil and DDB London. The only category not to have a Grand Prix awarded was radio. Read more to see the Grand Prix and Gold winners.


Grand Prix:
Client: Grande Reportagem Magazine
Titles: USA/Brazil/Angola/Somalia/China

Advertising Agency: Foot Cone & Belding, Lisbon, Portugal
CD: Luis Silva Dias/Duarte Pinheiro De Melo, CW: Icaro Doria, AD: João Roque
Account Supervisor: Andrea Valenti (see more on the campaign here)

Client: Intertool
Title: Drill Bits/Saw Blades/Cut-Off Wheels

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Frankfurt, Germany
CD: Christian Mommertz/Dr. Stephan Vogel, CW: Philipp Boettcher, AD: Marco Weber/Philipp Boettcher, Photographer: Heinz Wuchner, Account Supervisor: John F. Goetze

Client: Wonderbra
Titles: Bar/Escalator/Restaurant

Advertising Agency: Publicis Conseil, Paris, France
CD: Olivier Altmann, CW: Olivier Camensuli, AD: Frédéric Royer, Photographer: Vincent Dixon, Account Supervisors: Christophe Lichtenstein/Sabrina Rocco/Bérengère Mangin/Alexandra Fain

Client: Buckle My Shoe
Titles: Piranha/Field/Chainsaw

Advertising Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, London, UK
CD: Tony Granger/Jan Jacobs, CW: Cassandra Yap, AD: Marion Cohen, Illustrator: Camile Rose Garcia, Typographer: Alex Normanton, Account Supervisor: Katie Lee/Rose Wangen

Client: Pedigree
Titles: Lady/Forest

Advertising Agency: TBWAPARIS, Boulogne-Billancourt, France
CD: Erik Vervroegen, CW: Matthew Branning, AD: Chris Garbutt, Photographer: Garry Simpson

Client: Harvey Nichols
Title Beans/Cat/Jigsaw/Toilet Paper

Advertising Agency: DDB London, UK
CD: Jeremy Craigen, CW: Adam Tucker, AD: Justin Tindall

Client: Nintendo Game Boy Advance
Title: Prison

Advertising Agency: Lowe Brindfors, Stockholm, Sweden
See more about this ad in Badland post "Ad awarded Swedish Egg accused of theft/brain sync."

Client: De Telefoongids
Titles: Accounting Group/Chinese Restaurant/Removals Truck/Taxi West/Tree&Garden

Advertising Agency: N=5, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
CW: Pim Kok, AD: Hakan Coskunsoy, Photographer: Ed Lonnee, Typographer: Reza Harek, Account Supervisor: Robert Guis

Client: World Vision
Titles: Bubbles/Tears/Notes

Advertising Agency: DDB Group Germany, Berlin
CD: Wolfgang Schneider/Mathias Stiller, CW: Ludwig Berndl, AD: Kristoffer Heilemann, Illustrator: Dorus Brekelmans, Account Supervisor: Ulrich Klenke/Louisa Ibing


Grand Prix:
Client: H&M
Title: Karl Lagerfeld for H&M
Advertising Agency: RED ROOM, Stockholm
CD: Jan Nord, CWs/ADs: Jan Nord/Johan Renck, Production Co: RAF, Stockholm, Director: Johan Renck, Producer: Anna Gustafsson, D.O.P /Lighting/Cameraman: Gösta Reiland, Editor: Johan Söderberg, Music: Krister Linder, Account Supervisor: Sara Tellander

Client: KP Foods, McCoys Crisps
Titles: TV Remote/Washing
Advertising Agency: Publicis, London, UK
CD: Nik Studzinski, ADs/CWs: Andrew Petch/Cameron Blackley, Production Co: Hungry Man, London, Director: Scott Vincent, Producer: Greg Jordan, D.O.P / Lighting Cameraman: Phil Meheux, Editor: Johno Griffith, Music: Also Sprach Zarathustra, Account Supervisor: Gary Grant/Leigh Baker

Client: Smirnoff, Smirnoff Red Vodka
Title: Diamond

Advertising Agency: JWT, London, UK
CW: Jonathan Budds, AD: Anita Davis, Production Co: Partizan, London, UK , Director/Producer: Traktor, D.O.P / Lighting Cameraman: Ben Seresin, Editor: Joe Guest - Final Cut, Music: Beethoven - A Fifth Of Beethoven

Client: Swatch
Titles: Europe/Asia
Advertising Agency: Joshua Agency, London
CD: Mitch Levy, CW: Derek Apps, AD: Tom Nottman, Production Co: RSA Films, London, Director: Mehdi Norouzian, Producer: Melanie Gore-grimes, D.O.P / Lighting Cameraman: Zubin Mistry, Editor: Sam Sneade/Art Jones, Music: Cathy Dennis/Ben Cullum, Account Supervisor: Matthew Howells/Anna Fairclough, Campaign Concept: Tania Guha/Neil Bazell

Client: Volkswagen, VW Golf GTI
Title: Singin' In The Rain

Advertising Agency: DDB London
CD: Jeremy Craigen, CW: Martin Loraine, AD: Steve Jones, Production Co: Stink, London, Director: Ne-o, Producer: Blake Powell, D.O.P / Lighting Cameraman: Patrick Duroux, Account Supervisor: Richard Stainer/Matt Ross

Client: Olympus Imaging Europa/Digital Camera
Titles: Red-eye Baby/Distorted Dogs/Cropped Tourist

Advertising Agency: Springer & Jacoby International, Amsterdam
CD: Murray White/Aris Theophilakis, CW: Sharon Cleary/Murray White, AD: Chris Pugmire, Production Cos: Tony Petersen Film, Hamburg/Biscuit Filmworks, Los Angeles, Director: Noam Murro, Producer: Mandy Kothe
D.O.P / Lighting Cameraman Ellen Kuras, Editor: Russel Icke/Sam Gunn (whitehouse), Music: Sizzer - Musik And Sound, Account Supervisor: Thomas Diekmann

Client: Norsk Tipping
Title: Old Peoples Home
Advertising Agency: Try Advertising Agency, Oslo, Norway
CW: Kjetil Try/Øystein Halvorsen, AD: Einar Fjøsne/Karin Lund, Production Co: 4 1/2, Oslo, Director: Marius Holst, Producer: Håkon Øverås, Account Supervisor: Morten Polmar

Client: L'Equipe
Titles: Mother/Child
Advertising Agency: DDB Paris
CD: Sylvain Thirache/Alexandre Hervé, CW: Céline Landa, AD: Benjamin Marchal, Production Co: 75, Paris, Director: Jonathan Hermann, Account Supervisor: Bertrand Janny/Thomas Granger/Julie Régis

Client: Cegetel
Title: The Foot
Advertising Agency: Scher LaFarge, Clichy, France
CD: Gilbert Scher, CW/AD: Jody Bouthillier/Mathieu Sechet, Production Co: Louka Films, Marseille, France, Producer: Yves Sarron, D.O.P / Lighting Cameraman: Stuart Douglas, Account Supervisor: Christophe Lafarge

Client: AIDES
Title: Vibrators (aka "The Right One")

Advertising Agency: TBWAParis, Boulogne-Billancourt
CD: Erik Vervroegen, CW: Véronique Sels/Erik Vervroegen, AD: Erik Vervroegen,
Production Co: Wanda Productions, La Plaine Saint-Denis, France, Director: Wilfrid Brimo, Music: Vibrators - "Baby Baby"

Client: Department for Transport
Title: LUCKY
Advertising Agency: Abbott Mead Vickers. BBDO, London
CD: Paul Belfords, CW: Mary Wear, AD: Andy Mckay, Production Co: Academy Films, London, Director: Walter Stern, Producer: Laura Kaufman

Client: Amnesty International
Title: Candle
Advertising Agency: TBWAParis, Boulogne-Billancourt
CD: Erik Vervroegen, CW: Benoît Leroux, AD: Philippe Taroux
Production Co: La Societe du Spectacle, Paris

Client: NSPCC
Title: Ventriloquist

Advertising Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, London
CD: Tony Granger, CW: Leo Premutico, AD: Jan Jacobs, Production Co: Large, London, Director: Danny Kleinmann, Producer: Johnnie Frankel, D.O.P / Lighting Cameraman: John Mathieson, Editor: Steve Gandolfi, Music: Michael Andrews/Carpation Ridge, Account Supervisor: Jason Briggs


Grand Prix:
Client: Wonderbra
Titles: Bar/Escalator/Restaurant

Client: Pedigree
Titles: Forest/Woman (see print)

Client: Harvey Nichols
Titles: Cat/Toilet Paper/Jigsaw/Beans (see print)

Client: Cancer Society of Finland
Titles: Million Dollar Smile/Noose/Toxic/Russian Roulette/ (the images are built using both the filter and tabacco ends of the cigarettes)

Advertising Agency: Bob, Helsinki
CW: Mira Olsson, AD: Joni Kukkohovi, Photographer: Kustom Photoproductions - Martti Järvi, Illustrator: Studio Pluto- Asko Roine And Bob Helsinki: Joni Kukkohovi
Account Supervisor: Heli Holttinen, Graphic Designer: Minna Kommeri


Client: Department for Transport
Title: Silence
Advertising Agency: Abbott Mead Vickers.BBDO, London
CD: Paul Belford/Nigel Roberts, Scriptwriter: Mary Wear/Andy Mckay, Agency Producer: Zoe Dale, Radio Production Co: Wave, London


Grand Prix:
Client: Adidas-Salomon
Title: Adidas Sport Style Y-3
Advertising Agency: Neue Digitale, Frankfurt
CD: Olaf Czeschner, AD: Joerg Waldschuetz, CW: Katharina Schlungs, Designer: Joerg Waldschuetz/André Bourguignon/Stefan Schuster/Peter Kirsch/Antje Thomsen, Technical Director: Jens Steffen, AE: Kater Haak/Kai Greib, Sound Design: Christoph Riebling

Client: Adidas-Salomon
Title Y-3 Spring/Summer 2005
Advertising Agency: Neue Digitale, Frankfurt
CD: Olaf Czeschner, AD: Bejadin Selimi, CW: Lenore Appelhans, Designer: Bejadin Selimi/André Bourguignon, Technical Director: Jens Steffen, AE: Kater Haak

Client: Adidas-Salomon
Title Adidas Originals
Advertising Agency: Neue Digitale, Frankfurt
CD: Olaf Czeschner, AD: Bejadin Selimi, CW: Katharina Schlungs, Designer: Bejadin Selimi, Technical Director: Jens Steffen, AE: Kater Haak, Producer: Neue Sentimental Film

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A tad like a repeat of Cannes ... ;) But I do really like the illustrations for buckle-my-shoe and that anti-smoking campaign. Very cool, well deserved awards.