EuroGames Stockholm pays homage to the 1912 Stockholm Olympics

Olympic advertising is as old as old can be. Stockholm was running Pro-Sweden ads for the Olympics as far back as 1912. The original poster, designed by Olle Hjortzberg’s design, featured a lot of nudity and even with a couple of orange streamers were well-placed, the poster was banned. Today of course, the banners wouldn't be necessary, but the ads would be banned for being Pro-Sweden. (It's a joke. Ask the Hyper Island graduates at your agency.)

Now EuroGames Stockholm, the largest pro LGBTQ event of 2015, is paying tribute to that original Olympic poster designer Olle Hjortsberg by making a new version created for equality in sports. Considering how the original poster is so iconic it was even on a stamp , they were smart not to mess with a classic.

Client: EuroGames Stockholm
Agency: M&C Saatchi Swotckholm

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