Everytown for Gun Safety - Will you stop this? - (2014) :30 (USA)

The "Everytown for gun safety" pac wants you to text your senator to urge your senator to support legislation that will keep domestic abusers from getting guns, and with that save abuse victims lives. In this dramatic ad, we see how the male abuser forcefully enters the home where a woman is frantically calling 911. The woman explains to the dispatcher: "It's my ex, he's trying to break in". "Do you have a restraining order" the emergency serves dispatcher asks, the woman screams "Yes!" and "Please my son is here!" so we've now established two things:

1) Restraining orders don't actually prevent abusive exes from breaking in, or in fact abusing you, they just help if you have law enforcement nearby so you can get the abuser arrested.
2) Calling 911 takes time, and the police can not magically teleport to your door.

You know, dunno about you, but I might go get a gun and take some classes instead of calling my senator. Seems it's up to me as the laws designed to protect women from abusive exes - such as the mentioned restraining order - are already proven useless in the ad asking for more legislation. As we say in Sweden stolpskott. Nice try, but no hand rolled cuban smoking material.

Points for drama, though. Sadly, without the gun, we still have a violent man breaking into a home, violently grabbing a child and threatening a mother who can't put up much of a resistance other than hold the phone.

Michael Bloomberg / Everytown For Gun Safety

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