Evian - Surfer / #evianBabyBay (2016) :95 (France)

BETC Paris want you to surf like a baby, which you can do at babybay.evian.com and if you stay young by drinking water. A surfer gets into trouble and is fished out of the waves by his fellow surfers, except these guys are all babies. The Beach Boys song "Kokomo" covered by Lilly Wood and The Prick sets the dreamy tune in this bizarre baby bay beach. Our surfer is really confused, until he goes for a drink at the beach hut. Stay young. Drink Evian.

Evian have been using talented babies in their ads since 98 in the UK, and 2002 in the USA. They can swim, rollerskate, dance and now, surf!

Ad agency: BETC Paris
Director: James Rouse
Production: Wanda Studios
Music: Lilly Wood and The Prick

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